Pacific oceanic fisheries resources

The resources listed here concern broader fisheries, conservation and environmental information than the tuna fisheries of the WCPO, although they include the tuna fisheries.

Resources are grouped as fact sheets, technical papers (including academic papers), popular articles (including news, blog posts, and opinion), posters and videos, and regional resources hubs.

Fact sheets

Cover page of fact sheet on strategic action programme to protect tuna and local livelihoods Western and Central Pacific Ocean

Technical papers

  • Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis (TDA), 2018. This report fills an earlier gap in the management development process for the Pacific Islands Oceanic Fisheries. When the original Strategic Action Programme (SAP) was adopted in 1997, it was not based on a detailed TDA. This document is the result of a number of working groups and consultations, with specific inputs from many organisations. Much of the information was gathered from high-quality existing reports and publications, and examines the root causes of the problems discussed. For summaries, see the two facts sheets listed above.
Cover page of fact sheet on transboundary diagnostic analysis for Western and Central Pacific tuna fisheries
    • Strategic Action Programme for the sustainable management of living oceanic resources by the small island developing states of the Western and Central Pacific, Oceanic Fisheries Management in the Pacific, draft for review, October 2018. The Strategic Action Programme (SAP) reviews the problems and concerns that were identified in the TDA. It identifies a set of clear priorities for action by the Pacific Island countries and territories and their partners in the region, to resolve or minimise the problems identified. All ministers on theForum Fisheries Committeesigned their countrys agreement with the SAP in June 2019.FFA announced the signing in a media release. There is a summary in the list of fact sheets above.

Cover page of fact sheet on transboundary diagnostic analysis for Western and Central Pacific tuna fisheries


Popular articles



Posters and videos

Pacific Islands Oceanic Fisheries Management, a poster explaining the Oceanic Fisheries Management Project (OFMP2), 2018

Marine biologist Valerie Allain describes the SPC’s largest collection of tuna tissue samples available to scientists for research on understanding tuna (3:50 mins).

The Pacific Community (SPC) hosts a data portal for members to give them data it collects on aspects of their fisheries. Countries can get up-to-date information on:

  • catch by species and by type of gear used (e.g. purse seine, longline)
  • characteristics of the gear used (e.g. hooks used by longliners, when purse seiners start sets)
  • catch per unit of effort
  • biological information about the tuna species
  • data collected by observers.
SPC researcher Steven Hare explains the usefulness of this data when countries are producing reports on fishing activity (57 secs).

Regional resource hubs

  • Pacific Community Centre for Ocean Science (PCCOS) aims to help Pacific Island governments and communities easily access the ocean science and expertise they need so they can make informed decisions to protect and sustainably manage ocean resources
  • Pacific Data Hub, a repository of open data and knowledge products about the Pacific region. It has a section on fisheries, as well as climate crisis and the environment, and the UN sustainable development goals. Data is publicly available.